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Are you looking to enhance intimacy in your life and reach a level of infinite bliss? 

I highly recommend
VIP  Membership to "TheLIC"

Enlightened Self-Improvement
Seeking so much more than the current "norm" has to offer
You've discovered this private organization for a reason. Welcome!


Exclusive Membership Rates

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If you’ve stumbled upon this page and are merely interested in temporarily trying out Sensual Energy Body Work but not quite ready for an upward positive shift of love & happiness in your life, then VIP membership might not be for you. That is completely fine, you’re still welcome to book a single session if you’d like. Single session rates can be found on the Appointments page. 

If you've experienced an appointment and loved every bit of the fulfillment, peace, happiness, gratitude, joy and unconditional love you received, then joining as a VIP member is FOR YOU!

Step #1: Discover 

Thoroughly read through this website. There is a lot of good information you will find about me, my unique offerings and benefits you can expect to experience through this work. Check out the FAQ page, associated websites, blog posts and browse my social media posts. I truly believe everyone could benefit from this work, but this is a decision for YOU to make. You are the only one that knows yourself the best. 

Step #2: Single Session vs. Membership 

Decide if this is a one-time indulgence you'd like to experience or if you are interesting in enhancing your life for the better with an ongoing membership. Keep in mind, you're always welcome to book a single session to try it out without obligation and decide afterwards. At the end of your appointment, if you decide you'd like to continue as a member, your VIP membership account will be credited $300 towards future appointments from your initial 2 hour booking. There is no long-term contract with membership. If it no longer suits you, your membership can be cancelled with 30 days notice.  

Step #3: Book an Appointment 

Whether you decide you would like to join the VIP membership or visit for a trial session, you may book your initial appointment through the booking form on this website. Once the form is filled out and submitted you will receive a booking confirmation containing all pertinant information for your upcoming appointment. Arrive at your scheduled appointment relaxed and comfortable. You may ask me anything! There are no bad or silly questions. Be prepared to enjoy an amazing experience! At the end of your appointment, you can decide the best way for YOU that will add value to your life. There is no pressure to commit to anything! 

*Optional: book a phone or video 10 minute consultation

After researching what this is all about, if you're still not sure about experiencing it for yourself, feel free to schedule a complimentary phone or video consultation. It only lasts about 10 minutes, but it may be a perfect way for you to make a decision to move forward. 

VIP members are committed to dedicating regular time for self care. Maintaining your overall health & mindfulness allows you to be your best self so you can be there for others in a meaningful way. Add value to your life and fill your cup with regularly scheudled sessions at the LIC. 

"You can't pour from an empty cup."


To become a VIP member & begin your 11+ journey,

email the LIC Office Manager & Membership Advisor: