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Human touch is essential for you to thrive. 

Making time for intimacy adds infinite value to the overall quality of your life. 
Are you ready to live one of life’s most precious & essential experiences?
Rise up to a high vibrational level of being you’ve always dreamed of!

COVID-19 UPDATE: Intimacy is a large part of what helps us thrive as humans. Connection with others and human touch is essential for us all. During this challenging time, please know that I am doing everything I can to help support my followers, clients and members to uphold this amazing aspect of our human lives. In order to keep us all safe and healthy, I have created an enhanced virtual immersion of an Aqueoussage to experience within the safety of your home. Visit my IntimaSea brand products website for an instant digital download to own, or you can BUY NOW through the button below. Cozy up in quarentine with a loved one or enjoy some guilt-free sensual self care on your own with this full-length tantric erotica film. Made with much love, especially for you.



Elevate Yourself
Elevate your Relationship
Elevate your Team
You're Worth It!

Welcome to Sensual Energy Body Work (SEBW), a Boston based company and innovator in the industry of sacred human connection. Join the global movement to embrace natural desires and improve our collective life performance.

As a client, you may experience creative sensual energy through various approaches; one-on-one private sessions, couples sessions, small group or team sessions. 

Now offering certification courses in “Aqueoussage”, the primary form of Sensual Energy Body Work. 

You’ll gain infinite value through all offerings:

If you’re feeling the desire to break the monotony of life, you've come to the right place. You’ve always known there is much more to experience than what typical society says is normal. THIS is the pathway to much more.