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Have you ever had a "couples massage" at the spa? 

Is being in the same room on separate tables across the room a REAL couples massage?
An Aqueoussage can do wonders for the monotony of everyday monogamy.
Fantasies are a part of human nature and are nothing to be ashamed of.

Enjoy a unique and unexplainable NEW connection with your partner through Sensual Energy Body Work, "Couples Aqueoussage". Originally designed for couples in a relationship who may be in search of a new, heightened connection to complement their partnership. I use an XL massage table complete with two headrests, built with couples in mind so you can truly share this experience together.

I have found that since working with couples who share experiences simultaneously, not only do they become physically and emotionally closer, but they have reported the discovery of a new ability to understand each other's overall needs, desires and fantasies in a more efficient way than ever before. 

Each session is completely organic and personalized for the couple indulging in this essential bonding experience. At the beginning of the appointment, all 3 of us have an open & honest conversation about their ideal session & boundaries as a couple to ensure no one feels uncomfortable or intimidated. 

Sometimes it is purely relaxing and hypnotic with very little sensuality, other times the Aqueoussage may be an arousing build up for the couple. I realize the importance of this heightened state of connection and encourage you to indulge with your partner. I may excuse myself at the end to allow privacy for you to use as you wish to complete your time together. I advise couples to know and understand their boundaries prior to the start of our session, but to keep in mind that having an open heart without expectations of this organic experience is always best! 

I am familiar with assisting someone to ease into unfamiliar territory and feel confident that defined boundaries will not be crossed. I am available for a brief, complimentary phone or video chat if either partner has any questions prior to booking. I want you both to feel 100% comfortable as you take on this new and exciting adventure together!

Couples Sessions:

2 Hour Couples Aqueoussage $1000
3.5 Hour Dinner & Couples Aqueoussage
(please add cost of restaurant bill)
Add-on fee for Travel Sessions
(rate may be higher for travel outside MA)
Add $100

I highly suggest that first-time sessions be discussed ahead of time and not be a surprise for their partner. Once we have had our initial session together, I am ok with surprise sessions as gifts in the future.

Ask me about my unique combination session series of Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching + Aqueoussage for couples. This is a one-of-a-kind experience catering to couples in search of the ultimate bonding connection. It is a blend of lifestyle coaching sessions as well as hands-on practical experience with Aqueoussage. 

I am also happy to come to you for a travel session if you prefer.

Credit Cards or Cash accepted. 

Appointments exceeding 2 hours in duration or out-of-state appointments require a 20% deposit to book. Invoice for deposit will be sent via email.